Atrial Fibrillation | UMCG | Research
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Our research is and has always been clinically-oriented and focussed on atrial fibrillation. We always have  and are currently designing and conducting our own investigator-initiated clinical studies. Patients are our own center, and in other participating hospitals are asked to participate. Many of those studies were published in the major cardiology journals, and two were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Our studies have led to changes in the recommendations how to manage patients with atrial fibrillation,as formulated in the international (European and US) guidelines on atrial fibrillation management. We also participate in clinical studies on atrial fibrillation management that was and are initiated by others. Mostly, we include patients, and/or we were national coordinators or members of the steering committees of these studies. Studies involved the investigation of novel anti arrhythmic drugs, novel anticoagulant drugs, novel devices, or novel overal treatment strategies, all in the field of atrial fibrillation.